[2017 Reflections] The one mindset you need to have for success in life

It's almost a new year and I'm in reflection mode. 

In reality, it's really just another day but there is something about writing 2018 instead of 2017 that feels like a fresh start, and if that's all I need to make a shift that brings me closer to my vision, I'm ok with that.

I read an amazing astrology article a few days ago and got the following advice for my 2018 Libra year:

This year is about finishing up what began in 2016, and allowing yourself to thrive in it. It is about making serious relationship commitments, becoming more financially stable than ever, and adjusting to your highest vision of yourself – because deep down, that’s who you’ve been all along.

All I can say BRING IT ON.

The past 2 years have been the most challenging and growth filled years of my life....

  • I ended a toxic 2.5 year relationship
  • I made my first huge investments in my business
  • I faced myself head on through having high level coaches for biz and love
  • I requested a layoff from my job of nearly 7 years
  • I went full time in my business and had some rough months of no sales
  • I felt like I had to move home and cancel my trip to  (but it ended up being exactly what I needed)

Here's the thing about all these moments... they provided growth.

If I had focused on the outcome during all these things, I would have felt like crap a lot of time. Things weren't looking how I wanted them to pretty much any of the time.

Sometimes the only way I could keep my sanity was focusing on what i was learned as each of these things unfolded, which leads me to the thought I wanted to leave you with today...

Growth mindset is the one mindset that will serve you in any situation.

As I look into 2018.... I've got some big personal and professional goals. I'm releasing how it needs to look. I know the Universe will give me the love, financial freedom, and health I desire even if it doesn't look how I think it needs to, and it will certainly give me chances to grow along the way.

Here's to 2018! It's my year, and it's yours too.

Hallie_twotone copy.png

P.S. What is your #1 goal in 2018? Comment below to let me know!