Why I post about way more than tense and websites

When you think of copy or writing, what do you think about? Grammar, punctuation, word-choice, stories, what you’re supposed to say. That’s the nitty-gritty of writing, at least in my mind. Have you noticed I barely talk about this stuff? It does come up in my lives and my opt-in freebie, but the majority of what I write about has to do with mindset, inspiration, motivation, and personal growth. How do I get away with it?

I know my underlying message, and THAT is what ties everything I do together.

My message is something I believe about the world. A belief that I want to spread like wildfire. No matter what I actually DO in my business, the message stays the same. In fact, I’ve offered 3 distinctly different services in my biz over the past year and a half. At the time I didn’t realize it, but looking back I had this same message throughout each iteration in my biz, because it’s something I believe in my soul.

I started my biz because I wanted to create the life of my dreams and I knew I could. I knew I could have a better life than I did in my monotonous corporate gig. It felt selfish at first, like I was only doing it for me. I didn’t have big plans to save the world, I just wanted out of my 9-5. Which meant finding something (anything) I could get paid for.

I started out offering health coaching, then life coaching. No clients. Then a friend asked me to write something for her after she saw my site and that was it! I got my first client. I guess copy was going to be my thing! I went with it. I noticed something - the content I was posting in each stage of my biz was really similar. 🤔 And the thing I always wanted to do no matter what service I was offering was support women to live their dream lives.

I now realize that’s my message, that every woman can live her dream life by taking action.

And that’s what I aim to accomplish with every post. Whether I’m educating on copy, talking mindset, or motivating - it’s all a piece of the puzzle to help each woman get closer to living her dream life. This message lights me up, and I know it’ll stay with me forever.

I want you to know what your message is too.

And it’s exactly what I’m going to talk about tomorrow on Facebook Live.


Uncovering Your Message:

The golden thread that ties everything together

I’m doing a Facebook Live from my business page TOMORROW, Jan 10 at 12:15pm PST to cover everything you need to know to figure out your message! I will lead you through some questions to help you uncover your message, and you’ll have access to a bonus workbook.

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