The key to building trust and making sales

Welcome to 2017!

Although we can create fresh starts for ourselves whenever we want to, there is something special about this time of year. If you’re anything like me you’re ready to harness the momentum of this year to take your business to new heights, so I’m going to get right into sharing a common solopreneur stumbling block.

Picture this… Imagine if you took the bus to work everyday at 8am. There is only one bus in the morning, so you have to catch it at 8am to make it to work by 9am. Except there is a problem… the bus can pull up anytime between 6-10am, or it may not even show up! Would you still put your faith in the bus as your sole means of transportation to work? I bet not. Why?

Inconsistency makes it hard to trust.

And when we don’t trust we definitely won’t pay 🤑.

Here’s the thing, I see women being inconsistent in their businesses all the time. Granted I’d like to hope no one is checking if you post on Facebook at exactly 10am every day, but people notice on some level if you’re sending a sales email only once every few months when you have an offer to make, or showing up like crazy in Facebook groups and on live for a week, then disappearing off the face of the Earth for a month before coming back with a vengeance and new offer.

Look at your favorite people to follow. Are they doing a perpetual disappearing act? Probably not. How would it feel if they were only showing up when they wanted something from you? ICKY. Luckily….

Showing up consistently is 100% in your power.

And it’s exactly what I’m going to talk about tomorrow on Facebook Live.

“Your Communication Plan for 2017”

I’m doing a Facebook Live from my business page TOMORROW, Jan 3 at 12:15pm PST to cover everything you need to know to get your communication plan in place!

When you join me you will learn:

  • How to determine your communication vision
  • How to come up with a plan that achieves your vision
  • Why I don’t recommend planning too far ahead and what to do if things go awry
  • Tools and tactics to execute on your plan
  • Bonus: Access to an exclusive free 1 page guide


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💜 Hollie