Who do you need to be? [LESSON 1]

Last week I announced that I’ve been cooking up something special for you behind the scenes - the GO FOR IT Summit! I’ve interviewed 21 inspiring female entrepreneurs for this project, and I couldn’t be more chuffed to finally start sharing them with you starting TODAY. Remember, click here to register for the summit so you can have access to the interviews.

Whether you’re in for the summit or not (I SO hope you are), I will be sharing 1 lesson with you inspired by what came out of the Summit interviews in each email this week (though trust me, there are SO MANY more juicy lessons than just these 3 😉). Without further ado...


Is your current life exactly what you want? Chances are if you are in my community you want something more for yourself, especially when it comes to you work. Heck, you probably want a biz you love, that lets you have the lifestyle you want WHILE you impact and support others.

Take a moment to create a vision of yourself as the woman you want to be. FEEL how she would feel. How would she act? What would she spend her time doing all day? Really get a clear picture in your mind. Is how the woman (you in the future) is acting differently than how you act now? I’m guessing the answer is yes. I know it was for me when I did this exercise a year ago.

When I was first starting my biz I spent a lot of time going to concerts and music events. I love music but some of these concerts were just time fillers that I had no significant pull to attend. When I created my vision, my future badass-biz-owning self wouldn't be spending time going out to things she wasn't super excited about. Especially since she was building her biz on the side of her corporate gig. Her time was precious.

So… I shifted to only going to shows I was super excited about. Instead of several a month it ended up becoming 1-2 a month (or less). By making this shift in the present to act like the woman I wanted to be, I showed the Universe that I was serious about my goals and I propelled myself towards them. I created the time and space I needed to devote to my business so it could grow.

I get it, this can be tough. Sometimes you’ll need to let go of relationships, habits or activities you think you need, or invest money you don’t feel like you have in something. No one said creating the life of your dreams would be a cakewalk, which is why many people never go for it, but it is one of the most rewarding things you could ever do.

What’s one thing you can shift in the present to start acting like the future self you want to be, RIGHT NOW?

Send me a message to let me know what it is!

“3 Tips from 21 Boss Women on how to create your dream biz”

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