Surrender to the process [LESSON 2]

This week I’m sharing 3 lessons from the GO FOR IT Summit with you. Each interview starts with the guest expert telling her story. Today’s lesson became overtly clear early on as I heard story after story of women having multiple jobs, multiple businesses, trying different things, doubting, finally investing in themselves, getting to the next level once they stopped resisting something etc, and it’s something I’ve personally experienced in my own life as well.


Last week on Facebook live and in my email last Wednesday I shared the deets on my own story. Sometimes I felt like I was leaping ahead and sometimes it felt like I was going backward. What I realized from my own life (and from listening to the stories of 21 amazing female entrepreneurs) is that every experience serves a purpose.

Surrendering to the process means having your big vision or goal in mind, but not attaching yourself to a certain path to get there. It’s trusting your vision will happen, and not controlling HOW it will happen. It’s looking for the learning point in each thing (good, bad, and neutral) that happens along the way.

Think of one thing that happened in your life or biz last month. Looking back now, what do you think you were meant to learn from it?

Email me to let me know what it is!