Trust the journey

Did you catch my Live yesterday? I talked about my story and the 3 things I learned as I navigated the 4 years between my moment of complete corporate burnout to today.

Here’s the thing, I often see success stories online that blow my mind. She hit 7 figures in 18 months of business?! She quit her job, hit 5 figure months right away and has been traveling the world since?!

These stories serve a purpose. They show us what is possible. But often times we don’t see the years of action (and sometimes struggle) that came before it.

For me, hearing the path that came before the “big break” keeps me going because it’s relatable.

Does it work that way for you too? See, when I get visibility into what led up to a certain “big break” for someone I realize they are a lot like me. It shows me that I REALLY CAN get what I want because they came from a similar place and got it too.

So in case you missed the Live, or you want a recap anyway, here are some of the things I did in the last 4 years to get from my low point to where I am today. It was NOT a straight and easy path. I didn’t wake up 4 years ago and say - I’m going to be a Copywriter. No way! It took loads of trial and error to get here.

  • Knew I needed out of my accounting job so I applied to other corporate jobs. Got rejected 3 times (and sent out tons of applications that never got a reply) before I ended up accepting an internal role at the same company I was at.
  • My new internal role allowed me to work from home most of the time and I FELL IN LOVE with the freedom of it. I knew I needed to keep/grow that freedom going forward.
  • Finally had time and space (due to my lack of commute and normalized work hours) to focus on my health and losing some weight. I ran races for a bit.
  • Met my last boyfriend who did CrossFit and started CrossFit too, then of course got into the Paleo diet. He also had entrepreneurial aspirations and I got bit by the entrepreneurial bug because I saw it as a way to gain complete control of my schedule, work location, and earnings potential.
  • I got DEEP into podcasts. Paleo ones (Balanced Bites), and Entrepreneur on Fire at first, then I expanded to Gary Vee and others. One day I learned about the NTP program on my Paleo podcast and ended up enrolling with the goal to become a health coach.
  • Completed the NTP program then realized I couldn’t imagine actually working with people on health matters. I had no desire to get clients for that.
  • I still felt lost in life and unhappy (mostly from my failing relationship) so I jumped at the chance to take a series of transformational training courses (not Tony Robbins but along that vein) here in LA that ended up lasting 6 months.
  • In the meantime, I started following some coaches and online service-based biz owners.
  • In the middle of my transformational training I enrolled in a group program to start a coaching business. I was going to be a life coach.
  • At the end of 2015 I ended my failing relationship and completed the transformational training courses.
  • In April 2016 I traveled to Europe and completed my group program. I still hadn’t made any money in my business because I wasn’t really taking it seriously (this is a retrospective opinion) but I was ready to really make an effort when I got back to the US in May.
  • May - August were rough. I was really struggling in my business and (now that I look back) I was still going through a lot of healing from my breakup. I had the support and guidance of a wonderful copy mentor at this time who really helped me keep things moving and clean up my mindset. I’m forever grateful for her.
  • In September I had a huge mindset shift around gratitude. I was grateful for every small step I made and things really started to take off from there!
  • September - December I continued to modify my offerings as I gained clarity around how I could best serve my peeps. I also upleveled by hiring a VA to help me get consistent with my emails and social media.

Holy crap! That ended up being longer than I anticipated. If you’ve made this far, I hope you can see that it was NOT a straight path. Certain points were a struggle and there were times when I definitely felt like I was going backwards… but here I am today writing this lovely note to you.

Can you relate to any of my story? Did anything stand out? I’d love to hear about it. Hit reply to let me know!




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