I was trapped in a box for 24 years

Time for a story...

It was Senior Awards Night at my high school. Parents and students were huddled in our old gymnasium as each department doled out certificates to the top male and female student. Plus there were some other awards too. As teachers went to the mic and read off their female recipient, at least 80% said “Hollie Tkac.” I kid you not, I got at least 20 certificates that night. Talk about a nerd alert 🤓. The other students were annoyed. My dad was beaming.

To me, it felt like a natural culmination of my 12-year public school career. I had my acceptance to attend a Top 30 private national university in tow (fight on Trojans! ✌🏻) and I felt like I had it made.

There was no way I wouldn’t be a big success because I had done everything I was *supposed* to do.

Fast forward 6 years and I was in the midst of my 3rd busy season of my corporate career at a Big 4 Firm. Every busy season had felt terrible. I hated it. When it happened again for the 3rd year in a row I knew something had to give. I could not see myself repeating another busy season.

At the same time, I felt sad and confused. This corporate job was supposed to be my life until I made Partner then retired at 55. In reality, I felt completely unfulfilled and out of touch with who I was.

I had been following society’s rules and trapping myself in a box for 24 years.

In the 4 years that have passed since my lowest most confused moment, I could see how each little action I took as I moved forward from that low point helped me move towards where I am today.

Now, I find purpose and fulfillment in my work, I’m designing the lifestyle of my dreams, and I KNOW I am on the right path.

Tomorrow on Facebook Live, I’m going to share a bit more about what happened in the past 4 years between my breaking point and today, and I’d love for you to join me.

“My Story + What GOING FOR IT Means to Me”

I’m doing a Facebook Live from my business page TOMORROW, Jan 31 at 12:15pm PST to talk about my story and what going for it means to me! I will be sharing the 3 main tips I learned throughout the experience that helped propel me forward then (and now).

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