​Storytelling & Starbucks + 🚨Exciting Announcement🚨

I sit down across from a stranger at Starbucks. I could sense sideway glances from him as I set up my laptop and started typing. Finally, we caught eyes and he opened his mouth “Dd you go to One Last Tour in LA?”

It took me a second to register what he was even asking about, but then I remembered - I was wearing my tank top from Swedish House Mafia’s One Last Tour. “Yep! I sure did. The 2nd date too.” Then we launched into a conversation about how lucky we were to have been at (almost) their last ever live show (if you don’t count Ultra), reminisced and how fast the group’s time together came and went, and lamented over how “old” we were getting since that concert was almost 4 years ago.

How did reading that story make you feel?

What if I had just said: “Yesterday I went to Starbucks and bonded with the guy at my table over a concert tee I was wearing?” Can you feel a difference?

In the first version, I told the scene as a story. You were essentially a fly on my shoulder watching it unfold as it happened to me. Whether or not you knew anything about Swedish House Mafia, you could likely relate to the story because you’ve probably had a similar thing - a random connection/convo with a stranger - happen to you.

The 2nd version, where I just glaze over the whole thing in 1 sentence is easy for you to just forget about. It’s like, ok great that happened to you but why do I care? The first example is a story and the 2nd example is not.

Stories have power because they build know, like, and trust factor with the audience. Trust = Sales.

If I can get the reader to feel the feels with what I write, then they will think I’m relatable, or at least that I understand where they are coming from. Even if the story isn’t about me. Stories are so important, that I’m going live on this very topic tomorrow!

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“Effective Storytelling: 5 Tips to Telling Stories that Build Trust”

I’m doing a Facebook Live from my business page TOMORROW, Jan 24 at 12:15pm PST to cover everything you need to know about storytelling! I will be sharing 5 tips, including common pitfalls you’ll want to avoid, so you can be an effective storytelling in your copy.

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