Exactly how I come up with stories

Did you catch my live yesterday? I covered 5 tips to telling stories that build trust with your audience. I know what you might be thinking...

Hollie, I feel like I have nothing to tell. Why does it even matter?

It matters because storying telling is all about building trust between your audience and you. Trust leads to sales. You started your business to ultimately make a living (doing something you enjoy), didn’t you?

I get it, storytelling may feel unnatural, stupid, or downright hard. But I want to let you know that...

Everyone, and that includes you, has stories to tell.

If I’m ever stuck, I turn to the following 10 questions to get my brainstorming juices going. Check them out and let me know what you come up with!

  1. What is one mistake your ideal client makes over and over? Paint the picture of how it shows up in her life in one specific way.
  2. Tell about a time you screwed up and what you learned from it.
  3. What is something you can’t stand watching others do? Why?
  4. What is something you love seeing others do? Why?
  5. Tell the behind the scenes of what got you a certain biz or life result that your ideal client wants.
  6. Tell a client’s success in story form.
  7. Tell about a moment (good, bad, or ugly) that made you want to sell what you’re selling now.
  8. Paint the picture of a future scenario your clients want and can achieve by buying from you.
  9. Tell about an instance when everything came together and you finally realized something important.
  10. Write about something you did right in your life/biz in the past month that relates to your offering.

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