Here’s my exact communication plan

On Monday I talked about the importance of your communication plan, and how you get to start taking consistent action now if you want to see your outer reality shift. On Tuesday, I interviewed my VA on Facebook Live on how to optimize your Facebook and Instagram content. Then I thought, hey, I keep talking about consistency and planning, and I’ve only been doing it myself since December. I should share what I’m doing for my own biz!

So today, I’m doing just that - sharing how I currently plan/write my content. If you have any questions, hit reply to ask away!

  1. I write my emails for the week, because communicating with my email list is my #1. I don’t write more than 1 week at a time (yet) but I’m on a cadence where I’m writing a week(ish) ahead (I’m writing this as we speak on 1/9). I figure out what my weekly Facebook Live is going to be on first, then I write the 3 emails around that topic.
  2. Provide emails to my VA. Again, I highly recommend hiring support for executing your communication plan, but if you plan to DIY you can do the following steps yourself too.
  3. My 3 emails are scheduled in my CRM system and scheduled as blog posts.
  4. The email content is broken up into 3 daily Facebook posts, 2 daily Instagram posts, and 4 daily tweets. My VA and I discussed Facebook and Instagram content a ton on last week’s live, so check that out here.

That’s it folks! I spend about 2 hours a week writing the emails and the rest gets handled by my VA. I cannot tell you how much better I personally feel knowing that I’m showing up consistently and I’m not flying by the seat of my pants.

If you need support coming up with content ideas, let’s hop on the phone for a free 20 min Copy Plan call. You will leave with at least a month’s worth of ideas!