The quickest way to get out of a funk

I have one question for you:

What are you allowing into your life?

Do you ever feel down, like things aren't going the way you want them to? Like you can't make any headway on the goals you think are important to you?

Whenever I feel this way I stop and check-in with what I'm allowing in to my life. For example, just last week I felt like I had no extra time to myself in the evenings. I paused and thought about what I was letting in to my life at that moment, and I discovered it was a ton of content from other people.

I took immediate action to unsubscribe from some mailing lists that I wasn't reading, but had continued to let come into my world via my inbox and I immediately felt free-er (is that a word?).

Meeting my group program sisters and my coach James in Paris - talk about an uplevel in my peer group!

Meeting my group program sisters and my coach James in Paris - talk about an uplevel in my peer group!

If you are ever feeling out of sorts, I want you to take a step back and think about what's underneath the feeling.

Some things you can consider:

Is anyone in your friend or family group bringing in negativity or stuff your don't want (even if it's just via the Facebook newsfeed)? Unsubscribe from their updates and/or put a cap on how much time you spend around them.

Are you getting too many emails or following too many accounts on social media? Maybe it's time to clean house! Unfollow those accounts that no longer bring you value.

Are you over-committing yourself to social obligations that don't excite you? Learn to respectfully say no - your true friends will understand! Any time it feels like someone is pressuring you to do something you're not interested in, think about how that behavior is a reflection on an issue they have rather than a problem with you!

Are you surrounding yourself with a network of people that understand and support your goals and dreams? This can include a coach, other colleagues, Facebook Groups, and more! I met women in Paris from the 6 month group program I was in and WOW did that raise my vibration. Now I have a group of 20+ women I know personally who believe and support the vision I have for my life.

Go forward, be awesome, and let me know what you discover!

<3 Hollie