You wake up before your alarm, ready to go for a powerful day ahead. Your calendar is clear and you have hours of glorious uninterrupted time ahead of you to make some serious headway on your to-do list.

Hmmmm…. What to work on….

An inner monologue ensues:

“I should get cracking on that landing page so I can capture emails 📧. Everyone says that’s important. I don’t even have an email system picked out 🙈. UGH 😫, I don’t even have a website up and I really feel like I need to get that done before I start marketing. And don’t get me started on the an email nurture sequence as I have yet to figure out what my free opt-in offer will be….”

It’s all enough to make your head spin, and before you know it you’ve wasted an hour trying to figure out what to work on first without getting even a stitch closer to making a decision.

REAL TALK: If you find yourself wasting hours in confusion mode, it’s time to get support.

Lucky 🍀 you! I’m doing a Facebook Live from my business page TOMORROW, Dec 13 at 12:15pm PST to support you in figuring out your next move forward when it comes to your biz copy. When you join me live you will:

  • Learn the 6 pieces of copy you must have in place in your biz

  • How to prioritize what to work on first so you can make money faster 💰

  • Get access to an exclusive free checklist ✔️

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💜 Hollie

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