We are in the home stretch - reflecting & looking forward

I can’t believe next time I email you it will be 2017. This year has been one of intense growth and transformation for me, and I’m ready to reap the rewards of all the hard work I’ve put in. Here is an honest look of what my year looked like, the good, bad, and ugly:

  • Started off the year newly single after ending a dysfunctional 2.5 year relationship. Boy did I have a whole slew of lessons to learn from this even after the breakup!
  • Took myself to London and Paris ALONE, and celebrated the completion of a 6 month group program in Paris.
  • Made new deep friendships with other lady entrepreneurs who lift me up and believe in me while redefining personal boundaries with existing family and friends.
  • Said goodbye to habits, people, places, and things that were no longer serving me
  • Traveled to San Francisco twice, and Austin
  • Went from overdrawing my account by -$500 just a few months ago, to taking on over $2000 of monthly recurring business and personal development expenses in the new year because I know I’m worth it and I’m confident I can bring in the money.
  • Shifted from complete and utter doubt that I could have a successful business, to bringing in 5 figures of sales!

A lot can happen in a year. I’m sure you can write out a similar list of positive and not so positive 2016 happenings. There is one thing it all has in common:

It’s all growth. Learn to trust the process.

That said, I’d love to send you energetic support vibez for whatever you’re aiming to accomplish in 2017! Hit reply to let me know what one of your goals is.

💜 Hollie

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