The one mindset hack you need to have for a successful funnel (& biz!)…

Your ideal client navigates over to your site. She likes what she sees, then she clicks away to one of her 15 other open tabs and goes about her day, forgetting about you until the next time she comes across your site or name. Honey, you are missing some opportunities here!

If you’ve been building your biz for any length of time then you’ve probably heard about having an “opt-in funnel.” You can think of the opt-in funnel as your way of starting a relationship with a prospect. You provide value and invite her to take action. And there is a secret to making your funnel work like gangbusters...

You get to release all expectations.

Trust me, I totally get that this can be hard to do when there are bills to pay. But step back and ask yourself:

Am I in this for the long haul?

If the answer is yes, then seriously - what is the rush? When you release the pressure and expectations you will be free to create and give value to your audience. Then and only then you will attract clients to you like a magnet.

Let this mindset seep into your beautiful brain. When you’re ready to take action, I’m here for you with all the info you need to get started in my Tuesday Lunch & Learn Live series. Here is what I covered so far:

6 Key Pieces of Copy for your Biz
Website Copy Basics
Opt-In A-Z - Outlining Your Entire Funnel

Check out the lives and hit reply if you have any questions. And remember, if you want 1:1 support book a FREE 20-minute Copy Plan call so we can discuss your plan to get your copy in place!

💜 Hollie