Do you realize how important this is?

If I told you to go out and get a client this week what action would you take? Post on social media? Send emails? Facebook Live? Post in Facebook groups? 100% of these actions involve communicating your message, and 75% directly involve copy.

Literally everything in your business revolves around your message, and the vast majority directly involves copy.

But maybe you are wondering... what is my message? And that’s ok. But it’s time to get clear.

Your message is the unique thing you bring to the table. It’s that thing that makes you want to do what you’re doing. It’s the golden thread that always shows up no matter what you’re actually offering.

For me, I want to help as many women as possible live their dream lives. This FIRES me up. I can see how every iteration of my biz so far has served this end, and I know every future iteration will as well. But I didn’t figure this out on my own. I took a copy course and invested in 1:1 support with a copy mentor this summer. That’s what pushed me over the edge to figure it out.

If you’re in the same space - flailing around not knowing your message - I’m here to help. My 1:1 Messaging Mentorship program is DESIGNED just for this.

Book a free 20 min Copy Plan call today so we can determine if 90 days of 1:1 support is right for you.

One of the cool things that started happening as my biz gained momentum was getting random shout-outs and impromptu testimonials. I will leave you with this testimonial posted by Kate in her awesome private group Soulpreneur Collective.

Just like she says, my 90-day support package is a STEAL. I have 2 spots left at the intro price of $1491 and, I want you to take one of them! Hit reply to let me know if you have any questions. Click here to book a free 20 min Copy Plan call.

💜 Hollie