Give website shame the bird

Is this you?

The text cursor is mocking you with the constant blinks - enough already! That incessant blinking isn’t going to help you come up with what the hell to put on your About Me page.

Why is writing about yourself SO HARD? It’s you and your life… you’ve lived it. Shouldn’t it be easy?! But there is just so much ground to cover when it comes to your story. All the ins and outs of the path that got you to this point send you spinning and instead you close the window and write nothing.

It’s time to hop on a sales call with a potential client, but you can’t help thinking...

UGH but what if this potential client goes to my site and sees the “Under Construction” sign I have up. It’ll totally blow my credibility. 😖

Sales calls are important enough as-is, you DON’T need to go into them suffering from a case of website shame for one minute longer!

Time and time again I see amazing biz owners hold back from launching their sites because of their copy. If you are in this boat, it’s up to you to take a stand.

It’s time to turn your website from liability to asset with your copy.

Lucky 🍀 you! I’m doing a Facebook Live from my business page TOMORROW, Dec 20 at 12:15pm PST to cover everything you need to know about your website copy.

When you join me you will learn:

  • What 3 pages you must have on your site
  • What to say on those 3 pages to build connection with prospects (this helps you SELL 💰)
  • Other pages you can customize down the line for cohesive branding
  • Get access to an exclusive free 1 page guide!

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💜 Hollie

P.S. If you’re ready to cut to the chase and figure out your own plan forward with my help, book a free 20 min Copy Plan call NOW!