This might be counterintuitive...

Picture this…

Showing up everyday, posting in Facebook groups, mailing your small list, posting sporadically on social media, and holding discovery calls. It’s all on your shoulders and you are making it work. Every month your income starts over from 0 and you have to build it, somehow, someway. It sure would be nice to get some consistent cash flow….

Is this where you’re at? If yes, then guess what?! You are actually in the midst of an uplevel to consistent income. CONGRATULATIONS. Uplevels are EXCITING - they mean growth, expansion, and development.

The one thing that always comes along with an uplevel in income is an investment.

The old adage “spend money to make money” holds true! It might feel counterintuitive (and scary) to spend money you don’t feel you have yet in order to get to the next level, but it’s necessary. And rest assured, I’m not talking about throwing away money haphazardly. Like I mentioned yesterday, I’m talking about spending money on something strategic that will pay dividends, and that means different things to different people. My GO FOR IT 1:1 90 Day support package is the investment you need if you know you need support with your copy.

If my GO FOR IT package had it’s own Tinder 🔥 profile, this is what it would say...

YOU: The woman who wants her message to spread like wildfire so she can achieve her own version of massive success, but keeps letting her writing take her off course.

ME: The emoji-wielding copywriter who wants to make your inner unicorn self shine through in your words.

US: Massive action taking, accountability, getting all your key pieces of copy in place so you can move forward powerfully in your biz.

What are you waiting for? Consider this your invitation...

You’re invited to join me for 90 days of top-notch copy support. Start 2017 off with a bang in your biz by getting all of your key pieces of copy in place!

Not sure if this is for you? Book your FREE 20 minute Copy Plan call so we can make a custom plan for your copy, based on where you are at and your unique situation. Don’t delay! I only have 3 spots remaining at the introductory price (3 payments of $497).

💜 Hollie