The real reason you are stuck

TRUTH time. In the past month have you:

  • Stayed up way too late working on something for an immediate deadline after spending the day procrastinating? 😖
  • Spun your wheels for hours trying to figure out how to do something technical in your biz? 😑
  • Wished you had help but told yourself "no" because of lack of funds? 💸

Chances are you’re stuck because you’re showing up like an angry little girl with her arms folded around her 🙅🏼

Look, I’m ALL about girl power, self-sufficiency, and independence. I get it. But if you are shunning away any and all forms of support, I have to ask you:

Are you showing up as the empowered female biz owner you are meant to be?

I want to let you in on a little secret...

Needing control is actually weak. You’ll reach your full potential when you’re able to say “I can do this myself, but I choose not to.”

Here’s the thing, I won’t pretend to know what support you need most. Support can come in many forms. It can mean asking a friend to watch your kid a few nights a week, hiring a VA (something I did this week!), sending your laundry out to fluff and fold so you don’t have to do it, or even working with a Copywriter like me.

In case you missed it...

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💜 Hollie