Did she really just say that?!

Holy crap 💩! In one moment she described a concept I’ve been subconsciously feeling. Sometimes it's in the backseat, and sometimes it's pushing to take the wheel and run me off course. Either way, I could finally put words to it (and overcome it) because she named it.

Have you ever experienced this kind of thing (a breakthrough) with a coach, friend, therapist, teammate, or even yourself?

I’m in the middle of attending a live event here in Los Angeles. I’ve already learned a TON, and I want to let you in on it too. I’ve had a few breakthroughs, and I’m going to share one of them with your today:

Me and my friend/colleague Kirstie at the event!

We don’t buy something for 1 of 2 reasons. We don’t value the product or we don’t trust ourselves.

The first part about not valuing a product is easy to understand. I have 0 desire to buy a Rolls Royce, hence I don’t value it and ultimately I don’t buy it. You will find the money for something you truly value, no matter how high the price tag.But what about the self trust part of the statement?

Picture this: you fall in absolute love with a coach and you know she can support you in growing your biz. There is no question. But when you go to pay, shit gets real. Your entire body constricts and tightens with fear. You’re asking yourself deep down “what if I don’t do the work? I’ve bought so many other courses, programs, etc that I never touched,” clearly in distrust of yourself. But then you say “I don’t have the time for this, nevermind.”

Have you ever thought any of the following things when making a purchase?

  • I don’t have the time
  • I’m not worth it
  • I don’t have the money
  • I won’t follow through or implement the material
  • I need to use the money on my husband/kids/dog/etc instead

If the answer is yes, you’ve come straight up against a self-trust conversation. All of these reasons typically cover up a core of wavering self-doubt, self-worth, or low confidence. So, how can you overcome low self-trust?

The key 🔑 to trusting yourself is personal integrity. Keep your word to yourself.

Every time you break a commitment to yourself, even if it’s a small thing like not going to the gym even when you say you will in the morning, your self trust erodes. You may be thinking, what if I had a legit reason to skip the gym? What I say to that is: you know deep down if you flaked on the gym or if you had a legit reason not to go.

  • Still, things do change. Here is what you can do to stay in integrity:
  • Find someone else to fulfill the commitment
  • Choose a new time/day for the commitment and REcommit
  • Ask yourself why you are not fulfilling the obligation. Is there are fear or limiting belief underlying? Then work on that.
  • Enlist support and accountability to keep you on track! My copy services meet you where you are at and provide you with the support and accountability you need to finally GET your message out into the world. Book a free 20 min copy review to see if we're a good fit to work together.

Alright - what did you think of this message? Any key takeaways? I’d love to hear! Drop me a line.

💜 Hollie