[TuesdayTip] What are you saying with your moo-lah?

My friend has an amazing jewelry line. She graciously let me borrow 2 pieces for my birthday and I promptly fell head over heels in love with them. She said there was no rush to pay, so I had it on my list all October “Pay Laura,” but with my birthday festivities, trip to Austin and other things I never felt like I had the money. I was holding on to the funds I had with a vice grip, telling myself business is slow this month… it can wait…

Me wearing my NewRoxity pieces :)

Me wearing my NewRoxity pieces :)

Then today rolled around and I decided enough was enough! I paid her even though I still felt like I didn’t have the cash for it. And guess what? I got a payment from a client and someone else accepted a proposal within the hour after I paid.

What I realized in that moment was that I was blocking abundance by hoarding my money. I was feeding into my old stories - money is scarce and making money is hard. The moment I released these stories - the gates opened up! This brings me to today’s tip...

TuesdayTip: Money is energy. What are you “saying” with your money?

In the early stages of a business, cash flow can be a challenge. I get it. But are you spinning your wheels doing tasks that suck the life out of you just because you’re afraid to spend money on some support?

I'm not saying you need to spend thousands on a coach tomorrow to prove something, but if social media drives you nuts, would hiring a VA to help with that for a few hours a week be so bad? Aren't you worth it? What could you create with your new found mental space after making this investment?

If copy is that area you need support in (trust me, you'll know if it is) then I am here for you! In Copy Rescue, we work side by side for 90 whole minutes to get a ton done! How would it feel to hit PUBLISH on your new website vs continuing to stare at that website copy, wondering if it's good enough? This is what Copy Rescue gives you. Payment plans are available. Contact me so we can talk!

💜 Hollie

P.S. My friend's jewelry line is NewRoxity. Check it out! I’m not affiliated I just love it THAT much <3