Let’s talk about goals ba-by

I’ve always pictured myself as a high achiever. Me and goals, we were going steady.

  • Get straight As & graduate high school with highest honors  🤓
  • Attend prestigious university & graduate college cum laude🎓
  • Get job at fancy Big 4 Firm  💼

But this year, things were tense between us. In fact, picture an on and off again Pacey/Joey/Dawson-esque love triangle. I was bouncing between making goals to hating goals like no one’s business.

I hated making goals because I felt like when I set them, I would never achieve them. Uh what? And this attitude was after months of mindset work too… the work never really ends.

Last month I had a huge breakthrough. I was attaching pain to my progress. If I wasn’t hitting THE goal, even if I made strides towards it, I was treating myself as a failure. Once I figured this out, I made a goal and went on to have my best biz month ever in September.

Then I proved this out again in October the opposite way. How? I didn’t make a sales goal. Yep, I just didn’t. I wasn’t avoiding it all together like months prior, it just didn’t make one. What was the result? A directionless month. Sure I accomplished a few things professionally and personally, and kept the train moving, but that's about it... I'm not going to let the last 2 months of the year pass in the same ho-hum way October did.

We have about 2 months left of 2016. What are your goals to finish out the year?

If one of your goals is to quell your copy demons and get your website copy to a place you’re proud of, then Copy Rescue is for you. Check out what my client Jewell had to say about her recent session:

“It's so much easier to have someone to bounce ideas off of. I felt like I'd been looking at and editing my websites so many times that I was tired of it. And I felt like it wasn't even making sense any more. You had fantastic suggestions on how to rearrange and reword things that I wasn't able to see.”

Jewell S, Success Coach

Are you next? Hit reply and let’s talk.

💜 Hollie

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