When 💩 hits the fan, flip it instantly with this saying

Picture this….

Hours spent planning the perfect party for yourself at a popular picnic spot at a winery. Invitations are sent. Charcuterie 🧀🍷 is purchased. Cards Against Humanity had been borrowed from a friend for entertainment. You arrive bright and early to set up your spot and….


There was a time in my life where something like this would have THROWN me. In fact, I would've cried… A LOT (used to be my default reaction). Now something like this wouldn’t even phase me because I have the following mantra in my back pocket (thanks to my pal Hayley), and I want to share it with you today.

"Things always work out for me."

Yep, it’s that simple. Whenever anything goes awry, I just say to myself “Hm, that’s interesting. Things always work out for me.” I INSTANTLY feel re-centered, grounded, and open for what will unfold next.

Trust me this tip is gold ✨! Give it a try and hit reply to let me know how it goes for you 💖

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💜 Hollie

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