[#TuesdayTip] Put this first

POP QUIZ: What would you work on first?

  1. Newsletter to list
  2. Your personal journaling
  3. Sending a proposal to potential client

It may surprise you... but my answer is #2! Why? Let's dive in.

Yesterday, I wrote an article to submit for publication. So what, right? I'm a Copywriter after all. WELL, every week when Sunday rolled around I would faithfully move the to-do "write article" into the new week of my planner. Before I knew it, 2 whole months had passed and still no article...

This situation reminded me of something my wise mentor told me, and is the inspo for this week's tip!

#TuesdayTip: Take care of YOU first.

Whether you're a biz owner or not, it's SUPER important to do your personal passion project first. Whether that's writing your novel, jotting down your gratitude, doing some yoga, meditating, or watching a silly TV episode - make it happen YO!

When you feel fulfilled and balanced your biz and life will flourish.

What is one thing you usually let slide that you're now going to prioritize? Comment below to let me know!

💜 Hollie