17 ways to find money

I sent you a video on Monday where I revealed 2 things I figured out in order to be able to invest $7000 in my business while I was living paycheck to paycheck and had $14K in debt. Those 2 things boiled down to mindset and logistically finding the money.

The reason I made that video is that I hear women all the time making decisions based purely on money, and when that decision is not to follow their hearts to make their dreams a reality, it’s disempowering.

How does it feel to want to start a business, for example, while simultaneously being in an invisible money chokehold?! It’s a vicious cycle, needing money to buy services, supplies, maybe even a coach, and yet having no money because you have obligations, bills, children to feed, etc.

It’s only natural to wonder, how the hell did that woman who said she was bankrupt go from there to making 7-figures?! What did she have that I don’t?!

I’m going to let you in on a little secret, that woman is the same as you in every way except for her mind. She was willing to take a risk, to do whatever it took. Her dreams were completely non-negotiable and we urgent AF.

TRUTH: If you say you want something, but don’t actually get it due to “lack of money” then you don’t really want it that badly.

Hopefully that doesn’t sound too harsh, but I’m only saying this from experience, and I say it with love. Either it’s not a true desire of your own (maybe it’s something someone else or society wants for you), or it’s not urgent enough in your mind (like having it 5 years from now sounds perfectly ok). Nothing is wrong with either of those, but if money is coming up as an excuse for you, it’s important to be honest about what the real hang up is.

For example, if you’re the woman wanting desperately to quit your 9-5 yet staying in the job because you need the money, make no mistake, you are the one keeping yourself there.

I was this woman myself until I finally left corporate last month. I’ve wanted to leave corporate practically since the day I started there! That was nearly 7 years ago. Why did it take almost 7 years for me to finally leave? I kept myself there and I know it. I didn’t take a stand for my heart’s desire. Being happy with my life wasn’t an urgent priority. I was will to settle for less.

Half the battle for me to make my first $7K investment was literally finding a way to get the money.

Today I want to share with you a list of ways you could practically find the money you need for a desire you have. Whether that’s a Louis Vuitton bag or hiring a Messaging Strategist (like me!) to help you build your biz from scratch, I’m not here to judge the choice. I just want you to do GO GET IT 💜🦄🌈.

TRUTH: You have abundance all around you.
💰17 Ways to Find Money💰

  1. Sign up for a new credit card (there are many options with 0% APR interest periods)
  2. Increase your credit line on existing credit cards (you can literally do this on your credit card’s website in most cases and get an instant answer)
  3. Sell items on eBay (my favorite is old unused phones, you’d be surprised at their worth!)
  4. Take old clothes to a consignment shop
  5. Borrow money from a friend or family member
  6. Collect money from someone who owes you
  7. Take a loan from your 401K or other retirement account (loans are usually penalty free but check!)
  8. Drive for Lyft or Uber on the side
  9. Get a part time job
  10. Offer VA services on the side for hire
  11. Sell stocks
  12. Reduce your living expenses
  13. Increase the amount you charge for your current offerings
  14. Sell a virtual workshop
  15. Take on additional hours at your current job
  16. Take out a personal loan from a lender
  17. Run a GoFundMe campaign

A NOTE ON DEBT: If you’re like me, you’ll notice some of these options involve getting into debt. In our society debt is generally considered “bad.” In sharing this list, I am not telling you you have to take on debt to make your dreams a reality. That is a personal choice.

HOWEVER, if you’re feeling like a credit card or a loan is your only viable option, but your throat constricts at the thought of taking on debt for your desire, then I highly recommend you work on flipping the switch on how you feel about debt. Is it “bad” if it’s the tool that gets you moving on the path you want to be on in life?

If a lack of money is holding you back, then I want to invite you to a Make More Moolah Strategy Session.

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Here’s to making it rain 🥂

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