Swipe this promo sequence outline for your flash sale!

I hope you enjoyed my email last night with Flash Sale tips. If you missed it, you can check out the details here!

Today, I’m sharing with you the exact email sequence I’d send if I was going to run a 24-hour flash sale

  • Email 1: Teaser day before the sale, tell your audience to watch out for it

  • Email 2: Straightforward email - announce the sale, who it’s for, what challenge it solves, and what’s included

  • Email 3: A Heartfelt story with a call to action to buy

  • Email 4: 2 sentences… Ask the reader if she still wants help on the challenge you’re solving, and if she hasn’t bought yet, invite her to reply with her question or hesitation (make sure you send this at a time when you can check your inbox after for replies)

  • Email 5: 1-2 hours before close - the last call to buy!

If you want to extend this sale to a longer period, add additional emails between emails 3 and 4. These additional emails can include case studies, testimonials, or stories!


If you want to supercharge your sale, you can add in the following:

  • Social media posts to go along with the emails (make it easy, leverage similar copy)

  • Facebook lives to promote this offer

  • Add a countdown timer to your emails (go to http://motionmailapp.com for a free one)

  • Reach out to people in your audience individually to make this offer - don’t rely on mass email and social media alone!

What helped you the most in this message? Comment below to let me know!

Coaches - 3 tips for a successful flash sale (Black Friday and beyond)

I’m knee deep in writing copy for several of my clients’ sales this week (it’s that time of year - Black Friday is here!)… and I’ve coached several other clients on how to run their flash sales over the past few weeks.

It got me thinking…. if you plan to run a flash sale this week (or at some point soon)... then I have some tips for you to make it a success.

FYI: A flash sale is a sale running for a period of 1-3 days, and this week in particular is a popular time to run a sale. We have Black Friday on the Friday after Thanksgiving, followed by Small Business Saturday then Cyber Monday.

On to the tips…

Tip 1: Your offer should be a low ticket price.

Price your offer at $197 or less.

I hate seeing coaches undervalue their time. Don’t directly sell your high-ticket 1:1 coaching package as a Flash Sale.

Selling an existing high ticket offer (ie something you sell for $1000 or more) at a steep discount doesn’t work. It brings the value of the offer after the sale in question. If I could buy you’re super high-level course or your 1:1 program at a fraction of the cost, why should I pay full price?

Think of your flash sale offer as a foot in the door to your world. It’s a taste of things to come, and a way for you to draw out your hottest leads.

Tip 2: Make your offer intentional.

A flash sale is not about throwing together every piece of content you have into a box, saying it has a value of a bajillion dollars, slapping a price tag of $47 on it and hoping it sells.

When you are crafting the offer, ask yourself:

  • What problem do I want to solve?

  • How can I solve it?

For example, I was speaking with one of my new clients about her offer, and she wanted to include 5 videos she had made on various topics.

I suggested that instead of her giving the audience 5 videos at once (talk about possible overwhelm or procrastination), she should drip the videos out one day at a time and call it a mini course.

Not only does positioning it as a mini-course make it sound higher value, but it also increases the ability of her audience to pay attention and CONNECT with her through consuming the information. Her amazing videos will not transform any lives if they go unwatched.

Here are some things you can consider including in the package:

  • Pre-recorded videos and even webinar replays (remember the point above about presenting them in a way that your audience will actually consume them)

  • A live masterclass or workshop (GIVE your audience an experience without a sales pitch that helps them solve a problem)

  • A 1:1 call with you (I highly recommend this if you want to generate leads and possible buyers from this offer - having private calls with people will give you the best idea of who to later offer your coaching package to)

Make your offer all about solving an acute challenge your client has and deliver on it!

Tip 3: Don’t underestimate the power of 1:1 outreach to sell this.

It can be tempting to think that you can throw a couple emails and social media posts out into the interwebs for a $97 offer and sell a ton because it’s “such a steal,” and if you are thinking that right now, then you are shooting yourself in the foot.

Like I said before, a flash sale should be intentional. That being said, once the package is ready and the sale is live, be sure to reach out to those in your audience who you know it would make a difference for individually.

Reach out to warm leads, people you’ve done sales calls with, past clients or highly engaged followers to personally let them know you thought of them when creating the package and invite them to step in.

BONUS Tip: Don’t be afraid to think outside the box.

For example… with the timing of your sale, a lot of sales will be happening this week Fri - Mon after Thanksgiving.

Most of our email inboxes will be filled with offers from traditional retailers, let alone other coaches and service providers that you follow.

Have you thought about doing your sale at another time? Maybe around your birthday? Or around a holiday relevant to your niche (like Valentine’s Day for a love coach)?

Did this post support you? Let me know in the comments!

coming out

You know that moment when someone says something in totally normal conversation that hurts, but you hide the hurt and keep acting normal?

They don’t mean anything personal (btw - pro tip - nothing is ever personal)... but it hurts.

It hurts because it’s actually something you feel some kind of mental pain around.

Well, that’s been happening to me pretty often lately, and I haven't told anyone. 

I want to tell you about it now.

I’ve been on countless connection conversations and sales calls with new and established contacts, and across the board, many of them have said they don't know what I do.

I even met people I've known from online for at least 2 years each while I was in London this past week, and both of them said something along the lines of...

I don’t know what you’re offering right now or what you do.

Boy does that cut, and here's why.

My mentor and client Amy Yamada always says that you’ve known you’ve made it when other people can describe what you do without you even needing to be there.

Clearly, I’m far from this point because I still have people who don’t know what I do.

The realization I've been having about all of this is... Can I really blame them for not knowing what I'm doing? And that hurts because it shows me I'm doing this to myself.

Since I started my business, my messaging has said I'm a business coach, a life coach, a virtual assistant, a marketer for online influencers, an email marketing expert, a unicorn, a corporate escape coach, a copywriter, and probably loads of other things I don't even remember right now.

Here's what I know for sure: I’m damn good at supporting you with your message and copy.

Some of the recent results my clients have gotten working with me to get their message out there...

18 sales calls booked in a week

$20K sales in a weekend 

Yet I’m not following my own advice when it comes to my messaging... and that's stopping now. I have something to tell you:

Hi! I'm Hollie. It's nice to meet you. I am a Messaging Strategist & Copywriter for Coaches. I help you spark your next level message for an immediate uplevel in visibility, influence, and wealth.

I have a copywriting agency, and we are here to help you with the following:

  • Getting clear on your message (how to say what you do in a way that LANDS)

  • Website copy (home, about and sales pages)

  • Opt-in funnels (landing pages, thank you pages, and the welcome series)

  • Email copy for connection and/or lead generation

  • Marketing strategies for client engagement and retention

  • Copy for product and package fulfillment (courses and group programs)

We do this work with you and for you at different levels. We can guide you, or we can do it for you (we're cool like that).

What does all this mean for you? 

It means more clients, more money, bigger impact, and living the life you actually wanted when you started your business. 

Cool concept right?!

I'm so stoked to be on this journey with you and you come out as a Messaging Strategist & Copywriter (which is actually the one title I've used the most in my business so far).

What do you do? Comment below to let me know!

Me this past Sunday! This is why I do what I do… to travel and work from anywhere!

Me this past Sunday! This is why I do what I do… to travel and work from anywhere!

I'm Hiring!

Fun news today... I'm hiring!

See descriptions below and please apply only if you have the skillset and attitude required as seen here and on the application. I'm planning to make a decision next week so do not delay!


  • The pay rate will start at $15/hr during the training period
  • Initial time commitment is 5-10 hours a week and will grow
  • Must be communicative via Slack
  • Must be available for a recurring weekly meeting
  • I will consider you even if you have full-time employment, as long as you are able meet deadlines


(if you have experience with any of this awesome, otherwise I will be training you)

  • Email and calendar management
  • Email and social media preparation and scheduling
  • Documenting processes and procedures
  • Facebook group management
  • Simple audio and video management
  • Creation of landing pages
  • Management of joint venture events
  • Willing to learn new skills on the job in real-time
  • Willing to communicate with other team members
  • Skilled at proofreading
  • Reliable and not one to miss a deadline
  • Comfortable in a fast-paced small biz environment where priorities can change quickly
  • Reaching out to leads to schedule calls
  • Tools Used: Google Drive, Zoom, EmailMe Form, Infusionsoft, Teamwork, Facebook, Instagram, Planoly, and more!


  • Working behind the scenes of an online business
  • Having a hand in shaping the development of the company as one of the first team members
  • Extensive training

BTW - Please send this post to anyone you know who would be interested!

What's keeping you from landing the $5K client

Today I'm revealing to you what really happened to me in January...

I had been applying for corporate jobs for 3 months. Yes me, the girl who proudly proclaimed to the public that I was leaving corporate last April FOR GOOD was secretly searching for a corporate job on the side.


Because it felt like nothing was going how I wanted it too in my business. I was barely making enough money to pay my bills each month and I had actually gone 4 months without ANY sales - yes $0 - in 2017.

Talk about having every reason in the world to not believe in myself and what I was doing. Can you relate?

BTW - my mind is going off right now thinking - gosh I should not tell you any of this because I'm worried you'll judge me or think "what the hell can this chick teach me?"

But I value authenticity even more and I don't think there is enough of it in this online coaching space so onwards I will go.

Have you ever felt crippled by a lack of belief in yourself?

It's a hard place to be. You see more for yourself but you simultaneously can't muster an ounce of belief that you can have it. It feels like you are putting yourself through cruel and unusual punishment.

At my in-person mastermind in January, I was feeling LOW. I had just been rejected for a corporate job I was convinced I was going to get, and I did not know why I was paying the price of a car to be there in a room of 6 & 7-figure entrepreneurs when I could barely make ends meet.

What I realized during those 2 days is that, while I may not be 100% clear on my big vision, I'm getting clear. I KNOW want time and location freedom in my life, and that is something I won't find in a normal corporate environment so that environment is NOT for me. However, I may be able to find this working for someone else. I am open.

After this big ah-ha, I landed 2 new clients that have since netted me $7K in sales so far.

Why the quick shift? That brings me to my TuesdayTip for today... I realized I needed to:

Focus on WHAT IS WORKING not what isn't.

Here's what did work during my first 9 months out of corporate:

  • I built an audience of over 2000 people
  • I got clear on what I'm good at and how I can serve (more to come on that in the coming months!)
  • I invested $20K in myself and, even if it wasn't always pretty, I experienced massive shifts

The other big shift I've had is getting rock solid in my value. My 2 main pain points with my biz had been 1) I'm not making enough money 2) I'm working constantly.

Guess what? I created this reality for myself. I created a situation where I felt I wasn't being compensated enough for my work.

This realization is FINALLY what is getting me to charge my worth.

And it doesn't always look pretty. I left a contract early and did a partial refund last week. Oh, and I decided NOT to host an accountability group that I was going to charge $47 for. It just does not align with my goals.

My 2nd TuesdayTip for today...

If you are struggling to make the money you desire - step 1 to getting out of it is to own the fact that you are creating that reality for yourself.

I know that may seem counterintuitive - like "hey, Hollie, I would never choose to struggle the way I'm struggling now" but trust me, you are choosing it in some way.

Once I decided to own my worth, I welcomed in $7000 in sales within a month and a half.

Lately, if I waver in my sense of value, I remind myself of something one of my oldest friends told me last month:

"I'm really impressed by you and have always been. I always believed in you - and I see you following a path to success, not all our paths are linear, and you have really worked hard to find your best self."

Do I have something to teach you? Maybe, maybe not. I won't be for everyone just like you won't be for everyone either. I AM for the woman who wants to find her best, authentic unicorn self.

I am for the woman who wants to be brave and pursue her dreams no matter what.

I am for this woman because she is me.

If you made it this far, comment below to let me know what resonated with you in this.

How finding my boyfriend led to a business breakthrough

Quick story for you. It probably won't seem business related but I promise it pays off in the end.

Over a year ago I signed up for a Love Coach to find my man. Last month, my new man asked me to be his girlfriend. It was heavenly, romantic, swoon-worthy, all that jazz.

I know I'm cutting out a lot of the details but there was QUITE a journey to get to that point, and I shared it ON STAGE at my Love Coach's live event on Sunday.

I shared that I actually had been seeing someone else for nearly 3 months, and he had a lot of great qualities, but I never asked what he was looking for. When I finally did... I confirmed what I already intuitively knew. He didn't want a relationship and I did, so I ended it.

I matched with my now boyfriend just 3 days later.

Someone in the audience asked: what dating site did I meet my new boyfriend on?

What came out of my mouth totally felt channeled and uber-wise...

"What site I met him on didn't matter, what mattered was that I drew my line in the sand after breaking up with the other guy. I was taking a stand for the relationship I wanted no matter what. It was that firm moment of power that made the difference."

Now, let's bring this back to business. I know you probably have a desire to make more money, get more clients, or just feel like your dang business is working.

What I propose to you today is that if you are still feeling a struggle in your business, like I did when I was dating the guy who had a lot of what I wanted on paper but wasn't showing up for me, then it is time for you to have a line in the sand moment too.

My line in the sand moment in dating was a huge breakthrough moment for me, and I don't know about you but when I have a breakthrough in one area I tend to have it in other areas too...

My line in the sand moment in my business came a few weeks ago at my in-person mastermind meeting. Fresh off of months of on and off corporate job hunting, I decided I was tired of being the girl crying about how her business wasn't where she wanted to be (I cried so much at the event - true story!).

Instead... I drew a line in the sand.

See, I spent much of last year fighting my business. What I didn't realize is that I was CHOOSING to be in business, yet fighting it, getting pissed at it, etc. Something clicked at that mastermind and I decided I was done with fighting things and feeling shitty.

Being in business is my choice, so I will own it fully.

I made some tweaks and got a $5.5K sale soon after.

If you aren't getting something you want, draw a line in the sand on what is holding you back from it and MOVE FORWARD. BTW - this is NOT EASY to do but if you wanted easy, you wouldn't have chosen entrepreneurship!

Where do YOU need to draw a line in the sand? Comment below to let me know!

Why no one is buying

I'm gonna get straight to the point today because I have the feeling you might not be making the kind of income you want to from your biz yet.

Here's the deal, people aren't buying you because they don't like you or what you're doing. Get over yourself. 

The real reason no one is buying from you is... you are selling something no one wants to buy and you need to get better.

Now let me explain...

Brand Gals-Hollie-27.jpg

You have to hook into the VALUE you have for the people you serve. Then highlight that in your copy over and over again.

Here's what usually happens. Say you're a love coach and you want to teach people how to love themselves because you know that that's really what women need to attract their dream partners. 

So all you do is talk about self-love, self-love, and self-love. But no one buys.

YOU KNOW self-love the solution to your ideal clients' problems so why is it not working? What gives?!?!?

It's not working because you are not hooking into the VALUE of what you have to offer.

The VALUE is tied to the end result the client wants, NOT the end result you want for the client. #mindblown

You want you client to love herself, but the reality is she is not there. All she wants is to have a boyfriend (that was me in November 2016 by the way).

So what do you do instead?

You talk all about how she can find her man by working with you, over and over again in various ways. Now she is hooked and signs up for your program. She gets her man in January 2018 (true story, this is my story), and what you GAVE her to get her there was self-love and inner work, so you're happy too cause you delivered what you knew works.

Plus, you gain a raving fan screaming your name from the rooftops!

If you stay stubborn about the self-love angle, then no one wins. No one gets the result you can give because no one *hears* what you are saying.

In summary: get better by speaking to your value as the client see's it.

You matter and make a difference - own it!

Hallie_twotone copy.png

3 Tips to Build Your List with a Quiz

Here's the deal... you don't have a business if you don't have buyers.

I recommend that you build an email list in order to create a pool of potential buyers to marketing to.

I organized and hosted an online summit about email marketing this past December. During that summit I interviewed 28 experts all about how they've used email marketing to build their businesses.

Guess what tip was shared the most? Quizzes.

Specifically, quizzes as a way to build and segment your list.

Right after my summit concluded, I was invited to partner with Interact to build a quiz. Talk about timely!

Now that I've built my first quiz, here are my top 4 tips to build your list with a quiz:

1: Decide what would add value for your audience.

Look, a quiz about "which Disney Princess are you?" is fun and all, but does it really add any value for your audience? Instead, think about what insight you can give to your audience that will help them move closer to the end result you help them achieve.

In my case, I help people get more clients, so I decided to make my first quiz a personality quiz that bucketed each quiz taker into one of 4 categories and provide specialized advice to attract more clients based on which category them ended up in.

2: Determine what would be helpful for you to know about your audience.

A quiz is a natural way to segment people into different groups. Why not choose categories that would make your life easier in some way? For example, if you are a business coach you could make a quiz to diagnose where your audience members are getting stuck in the process. Maybe they are low on leads or maybe they have plenty of leads but lose people when they have the selling conversations. 

Knowing which category a person falls in means you can cater future email communications to speak directly to them and their specific challenges. In my first quiz, I offered 3 personalized tips for attracting more clients depending on which result the respondent got, but only if she opted in with her email.

Interact integrates with tons of CRMs and makes tagging people based on their results SUPER easy in the Integration portion of your quiz building process.

3: Make it fun!

Just because your quiz should add value and segment your peeps doesn't mean it can't be fun! I really like how easy this is with Interact. Try coming up with a fun theme for your quiz (I naturally chose Unicorns) and use lots of pictures in the quiz. You can even use pictures as answer choices!

Now for the moment of truth...



Ready to build a quiz of your own?

Sign up for Interact yourself by clicking here. There are tons of pre-made quizzes which make the process SUPER easy!

This post contains affiliate links.

Steal my productivity routine

Quick story for you. Ever since I can remember... I've had days where I worked and worked, but I felt like I got nothing done.

I would toil away for hours and hours answering emails, looking things up on the internet, gathering information etc and by the end of the day I had made 0 progress.

Can you relate?

However I realized the issue wasn't really that I wasn't doing anything, it was just that I wasn't focusing on the right things that would move the needle.

Today I'm sharing what I did to fix that and finally become productive. Once I made this shift, I started ending my days feeling satisfied with what I had completed.

And let me be clear, me feeling satisfied is NOT dependent on checking off every item on an endless to-do list. The sooner you can detach your feelings of being productive from finishing a long to-do list ;)

My productivity routine:

  1. The night before, I determine my top 1-3 priorities. No more than 3. It's important to choose the things that will really move the needle vs just what's easy to check off. If you are starting a business on the side of corporate for example, then prioritize the activities that are closest to making actual money, vs just busy work.
  2. I also make sure I know my appointment schedule and I map out when I'll work on my top 3 items in between my appointments.
  3. The day of - it's a constant process of noticing when I stray from working on my top 3 and coming back to it. It's so easy for me to get distracted by emails for example! If I do, I'm kind to myself and just remind myself to get back to the top 3.

I use the Desire Map Daily Planner as a tool for all this. It's PERFECT. Each daily page has a spot for me to write out my schedule and my top 3. Plus there are daily journaling prompts that keep me connected and grounded. You can grab your 2018 copy here for $10 off!

Are you going to implement any of these 3 steps? Comment below to let me know!!!

What to do if you want to escape from your biz

Here's the scoop. I've noticed this pattern in my biz... things will be going fine for a while, like 4-8 weeks then something will happen...

I got one too many NOs in a row...

Like a promotion fails...

A webinar flops...

And it triggers a tailspin into all these uncomfortable questions like...

Why am I doing this again?

Can I throw everything in the trash and start over?


Can you relate?! 

Have you ever wanted to escape from your biz?

It's exactly like this picture that seems to be perpetually floating around the internet and resurfacing when I'm having internal chaos....


The worst part about this mental space for me, is that it also comes along with guilt. I wanted to have my own biz for so long. I pined for it. I jonsed for the chance to quit my corporate gig.

Sometimes when I feel anything less than happy in my biz I feel guilty like "you WANTED this... what's your problem!" 

PSA: It's super unhelpful to feel guilty about your own thoughts.

Anyway... I'll stop revealing my innermost psyche to you (for now!).

Let's get on with what the heck you can do about it if you find yourself in this place.

1. Be kind to yourself

First and foremost, if you aren't feeling good, IT IS OK. It's a part of the process. It's completely unrealistic (in my opinion) to always feel good in your biz. There will be things you don't like or that happen out of your control. It is what it is.

It's important to be kind to yourself and honor your feelings (vs trying to hide them or mask them).

2. Seek support

When you're feeling bad, get support. This could be a coach you pay, a mastermind, a facebook group, a biz bestie, etc.

WARNING: Do be selective about who you get support from. Choose someone who truly understands what you are trying to create and who will let you vent, but also hold you high and remind you of your vision.

That means going to your mom or best friend IRL may not make sense this time (unless of course they actually understand what you're doing).

3. Determine the real root cause

What is coming up for you? Why? For example, say you lose it after you get a NO on a sales call. After you take a minute to calm down, ask yourself why you reacted.

Maybe it's really because you feel stress over paying a bill you have due in 4 days. Ask the Universe to give you a way to get the money for that bill, and listen. See what ideas manifest.

Maybe you'll suddenly notice an old beanie baby across the room that's worth $1K that you can go pawn. I kid, but you get the idea. Things open up (especially around generating money) if you detach yourself from HOW it has to happen.

4. Own your power

Ultimately, YOU are the captain of your own ship. If you REALLY don't want to do something, you don't have to. But again, be sure you are also cycling through 1-3 as well. For example, if you're trying to hide from selling 1:1 coaching by making a course instead just because you are afraid to do a sales call, maybe the growth for you is to get over your phone fears.

If you have done 100s of sales calls without making a sale and have felt constantly unclear on your high-end coaching offer for months or years and feel called to do a course instead then maybe that makes more sense. Again, it's a judgment call, I'm just saying don't always cave to fear ;)

What about these 4 steps stands out to you most? Comment below to let me know!